In his book, The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda, Dr. David Jacobs estimates that there must be millions of human alien hybrids who are a product of what he calls a "Breeding Program."

Note from Mary Jo [3/2/10]
Title: David Jacobs' 1998 book, The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda


Dr. David Jacobs' book, The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alilen Agenda arrived yesterday. Even though I have only read half of the book, it contains very convincing reasons WHY WE NEED God's help.

I saw David Jacobs speak in New York at one of Budd Hopkins' Intruders Foundation meetings in 2002, but I did not read his book until now.

Jacobs' Focus on Abductions
Jacobs has been studying UFOs since 1966 and focused on sightings [which is the focus of most UFOlogists] until 1982 when he met Budd Hopkins. Budd's book, Missing Time, had just been published and their meeting caused Jacobs to switch his focus to abductions instead of sightings.

Note: Budd Hopkins appears in a YouTube video titled, "UFO's Hidden Truth: #3 Abductions and Satanic Links."

Jacobs' book is very easy-to-read and the alien agenda he describes is all about REPRODUCTION.

Aliens Took Sperm From the First Abductees
Aliens have been taking eggs and sperm from humans for more than fifty years [Betty Hill confided to Jacobs that their alien visitors took a sperm sample from her husband Barney. Note: Betty and Barney Hill were the first abductees who went public with their story about an alien encounter in 1961].

Aliens use human eggs and sperm to produce hybrid embryos. The embryos that aliens produce are combined with their own genetic material and are then placed in human women who do not even know they are pregnant. The embryos are not carried to term -- but removed and placed in alien incubators that provide nourishment through the skin.

Due to their research that focuses on abductees, David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins have received thousands of letters from humans who know that they have been abducted many times.

Abductions usually begin in childhood and although aliens erase abductee memory of an encounter, memory fragments bleed through. Adult humans who are abducted often have children who are abducted. There have also been entire families who have been abducted together.

Millions of Human Alien Hybrids
Jacobs estimates that there must be millions of human alien hybrids on the planet by now -- that he says are the product of a "Breeding Program."

At the end of Chapter 6, Jacobs writes:

Because it is covert, the abduction phenomenon that is essential to the Breeding Program has grown to enormous proportions. And both its purpose and its magnitude have profoundly disturbing implications for the future.

My energy attacks from invisible beings have stepped up as I'm writing this and it is difficult for me to compose text for this page. My energy attacks are designed to produce physical pain as well as brain fog -- so that I have difficulty communicating.

Help By Saying Very Specific Prayers
Your continued help is needed to say Prayers 1, 2 and 3 as described on the Web site.

Due to the scale of this attempted Earth takeover, please ask everyone you know to say the Prayers.

Spread the word to people who study UFOs. They will most likely be familiar with Dr. David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins. As David Jacobs explains in the introduction to his book, this subject is usually ridiculed by those who have not studied UFOs.

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Mary Jo