Image: Photo of an adult soy nematode worm. Source: Wikipedia

Image: Photo of nematode cysts. Female nematode worms fill up with 200-400 eggs and become cysts [Wikipedia].

Note from Mary Jo [09/12/10]
Title: UW Extension: Soy Nematodes Like Alkalinity and There is No Solution to the Growing Soy Nematode Problem

During my travels to avoid alien energy attacks, I have noticed that a majority of corn fields and soy bean fields look yellow or brown.

Plants turn yellow and brown in late Fall after what is called a "killing frost" [it's early September and this has not occurred]. Excessive moisture can cause yellowing if drainage is a problem, but there are too many fields with brown and yellow plants for this to be the cause. Rain forests have a lot of moisture and they're green -- not yellow.

Image: [above, right] Aerial photograph of a Wisconsin soybean crop. This picture appears in a June 10th News Release from the Crop Science Society of America [located in Madison]. See details below.

I'm bombarded with alkaline alien energy, and I wondered if excessive alkalinity could be causing plants to turn yellow and brown. Plants need hydrogen ions for photosynthesis and alkalinity represents a shortage of hydrogen ions [See: Understanding Why Alkalinity is Unhealthy].

My research reveals that yellow corn and soybean fields reflect a problem that is much more than a shortage of hydrogen ions.

Soybean Cyst Nematodes Like Alkalinity
A Google search on the words "soil" and "alkalinity" turned up a June 10, 2010 News Release from the Crop Science Society of America that says high soil pH [alkaline] is related to high populations of cyst nematodes.

According to the News Release, the soybean cyst nematode [SCN] is the single most damaging pathogen of soybean in the United States. The Iowa State University Soybean Extension and Research Program Web site says that documenting the economic impact is difficult because many producers suffer declining yields for years and do not realize that they have SCN. A July 2007 newsletter published by Iowa State University called Integrated Crop Management says scientists have also recently discovered cyst nematodes in corn.

Visit to the UW Extension Office
When I found the Crop Science Society's News Release, I went to Dane County's UW Extension Office where I spoke with a crops and soil specialist. He explained that the soybean cyst nematode is a growing problem -- that is without a solution. Like the Iowa State University Soybean Extension Program, he said most producers are not familiar with soybean cyst nematodes.

Web Research: Soybean Cyst Nematode
Web searches turned up photos of yellow soybean fields from Minnesota, Michigan and several other states as well as maps showing the degree of infestation:

Soybean cyst nematode [SCN] damage in Michigan.

Soybean cyst nematode [SCN] damage in Minnesota.

Map showing [SCN] infestation in the United States.

Map showing [SCN] infestation in Wisconsin.

Nematodes: Human and Animal Health
The Wikipedia entry for nematode says there may be as many as a million species of nematodes. Parasitic species that infect humans include ascarids (Ascaris), filarias, hookworms, pinworms (Enterobius) and whipworms. Heartworms are nematodes that inhabit the hearts, arteries, and lungs of dogs and some cats.

Dr. Hulda Clark's books say that the Ascaris worm causes asthma. Medical surveys say that the incidence of asthma has dramatically increased in the last 25 years.

Hermes' Staff Has Two Intertwining Nematodes
In North America, the caduceus has been used as a medical symbol. A blog called "JPedia" explains that the serpents on the caduceus are linked to parasitic nematode called Dracunculus Medinensis.

The caduceus entry on Wikipedia says that Hermes carried a caduceus or winged kerykeion with two snakes that form a double helix. Hermes is also Thoth, Mercury and Quetzalcoatl as well as ENKI's son.

Strangely, [or not], a photograph of a nematode disease pattern in a soybean field in the shape of a five-pointed star turned up when I did a Google search on "Mercury" and "Nematode."

Readers who have been following my last two notes about Drunvalo Melchizedek and the new Julia Roberts' movie [Eat, Pray, Love], will understand the significance of a five-pointed star.

I think the two nematodes are representative of numerous worms that cause disease -- that doctors never find.

The DNA coil formed by two nematodes reflects that fact that medicine will head in the direction of gene research to cure diseases which is a dead end and a trap. Genetic research has never helped cure disease. Instead, it is headed in the direction of creating artificial life with a computer as I've described in my note titled, "La Jolla, California: The First Synthetic Cell [5/27/10]. I believe that nematodes are synthetic life created by an alien race known as the Sirians [and their synthetic offspring].

Electromagnetic Grid Around Earth
In his film, The Birth of a New Humanity, Drunvalo Melchizedek describes an alien-created electromagnetic grid around the Earth, one of several that have been created over the last several thousand years. According to the cover story, the grid is supposed to help lift human consciousness.

The grid is a large device used to control the computer-created synthetic life that already exists on Earth.

Only God can remove aliens and their grid.

Please read the directions for saying the Prayers I've composed that ask God to remove invaders who are in Earth's 4th dimension. The steps for saying powerful Prayers at Sun Rise and Sun Down are described on this site's Home page.

Mary Jo