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Note from Mary Jo [8/29/10]
Title: Who is Drunvalo Melchizedek and What Does He Say About the Sirians?

Drunvalo Melchizedek is a high-profile New Age author of four books including The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Volumes I and II, Living in the Heart and his newest one, Serpent of Light. His books have been published in 29 languages.

Drunvalo and his wife Claudette are both teachers who give workshops. Drunvalo's topics include sacred geometry, human energy fields, spirituality, and meditation that his biography says he's taught workshops in 45 countries. Claudette's biography says she's a Kabbalist who teaches a course known as the "Blue School Teachings."

Drunvalo Staying In Sedona For a While
Drunvalo's message on the Sprit of Ma'at Web site says he's been traveling somewhere in the world every three weeks for 26 years. This year, he's slowing down and giving his workshops in Sedona, Arizona. He's aged tremendously [see photos at left]. Alien energy is very alkaline and it causes accelerated aging. Alkalinity also causes parasites to thrive and parasites cause disease [See Extra Related Pages at the bottom of this page].

Image: [right] Drunvalo as he appears in his Birth of a New Humanity video [available at].


  1. In his note on the Spirit of Ma'at Web site, Drunvalo also says, "Who knows in 2011, I may be back on the road again, God willing." He's not referring to the true God because in Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Volume II, he says the Sirians are our father and the Nephilim are our mother [more on that later].

  2. Drunvalo says Thoth contacted him in 1984. He described him as a very small man [I think the large Roman statues of ENKI, ENLIL as Zeus and Neptune were "inspired" to boost the family's public image. See: Eat, Pray, Love is Another Sirian Influenced Book and Film, 08/24/10].

  3. Wikipedia says Ma'at was the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice, that Ma'at's masculine counterpart was Thoth and that their attributes are the same [more spin -- probably because ENKI, Thoth's father, had the Hebrew name Nachash or Serpent, as well as Knower of Secrets].

  4. The damage caused by alien energy is significant. A Prayer request in Prayer 3 asks God to "Please Regenerate planets and stars as well as the life You placed on these systems -- from any damage intruders have caused."

    Prayers recited at Sun Rise and Sun Down will clobber the aliens who are very destructive at this point [and still very powerful]. Instructions for reciting Prayers at these Sun Events are located on this site's Home page.

Drunvalo Says He's a Walk-in
Drunvalo admits to walking into the body of Bernard Perona on April 10, 1972. In Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life [2000], Volume 2, in a section called “The History of the Sirian Experiment,” in Chapter 17, he [or the Sirian who took over] writes:

On April 10, 1972, my spirit walked into the body of Bernard Perona, the person who was in the body before I entered.

There are about a dozen New Age books that say walk-ins are ‘high-minded” souls who “desperately” want to incarnate into an adult body at this moment in world history. Walk-ins were even featured on the June 4, 1999 segment of Robert Stack’s Unsolved Mysteries.

Preparing Humans for Walk-ins
Ruth Montgomery, a journalist-turned-New Age-writer, who channeled book content from a group of guides, may have been the first to write books about walk-ins. Her guides gave the impression that they’re disincarnate beings [if you've read Ruth's books, you'll know that she was lured into the task of writing New Age books by an entity who said he was her father. I think Ruth was deceived and I think the entity was an alien].

Ruth Montgomery’s Strangers Among Us [1984] is a book about walk-ins that appears on the Nibiruan Councils’ recommended reading list. Ruth wrote two books about walk-ins and a book about aliens. She received the content of her books through automatic writing.

Ruth Montgomery’s second book about walk-ins, Herald of A New Age [1987], says over 10,000 walk-ins would be arriving in the ‘next decade’ to prepare us for the “coming of the New World Order.” In 1987, Americans had not yet experienced any hints of what a “New Order” meant. George Bush senior did not use the expression “New World Order” until 1990 in a speech that he gave to Congress.

Ruth’s book, Aliens Among Us, is mostly about Arcturians who Dr. Norma Milanovich decribed in her book, We the Arcturians —channeled to her by Thoth.

The Sirians Invent Reasons to "Help"
Us With Our Consciousness

In the paragraphs below and in Drunvalo's new 2010 film called The Birth of a New Humanity, you'll discover that the Sirians have invented several reasons why they need to help "improve" humanity's consciousness.

Inventing problems and then presenting solutions is a manipulative technique known as the Hegelian Dialectic. Here's a Web definition:

The Hegelian Dialectic -- a process by which the ruling elite create a problem, anticipating in advance the reaction that the population will have to the given crisis, and thus conditioning the people that a change is needed. When the population is properly conditioned, the desired agenda of the ruling elite is presented as the solution.

Does this make Drunvalo a member of the elite? Although there are humans who aliens treat as an elite, I think they're manipulated like everyone else.

The Earth's level of pollution is a sign that the Sirians have no interest in genuine help. If they were sincere, a race that is very technically advanced could offer solutions to help humanity clean up the planet. I think they cause most of the problems

Christ Consciousness Grid
In stages throughout his second Flower of Life book, Drunvalo refers to control of human consciousness—first through a Christ consciousness grid that was geomantically created around the planet using a system of sacred temples and special sites. He says this geomantic grid was approved by a 48-member Galactic Command but built by the Great White Brotherhood.

Apparently, the grid did not offer enough control and a new project to control humanity’s consciousness was needed. The cover-story that the Sirian/Dinoid/Reptoids used to explain the need for more work on human consciousness was a fusion reaction that threatened all human life on Earth.

Drunvalo explains that in August 1972, the Sun was going to expand from a hydrogen Sun into a helium sun. And, that helium build-up would cause a fusion reaction forming carbon, a reaction that would cause humans to ‘burn up’ unless they had Christ consciousness.

Image: [above, right] Google image of a solar flare [from NASA]. Solar flares occur occasionally in solar cycles. In a report about solar flare radiation, the Health Physics Society reports that radiation exposure from solar flares is low —even for airline personnel during air travel.

Drunvalo goes on to explain that the Sirians took initiative to “save” us and had their project approved by the Galactic Command [the same group of pretender Sirian/Dinoid/ Reptoids that I've described throughout my notes]. Drunvalo writes:

In the middle of the 1700s, after almost 13,000 years of this experiment to create the Christ consciousness grid, it became clear to our physical father, the Sirians, that we were not going to make it.[…]. The Sirians and the Nephilim, our father and mother, both wanted to help, but our father was much more advanced in knowledge and understanding […]. So the Sirians took the initiative to find a way to save humanity. The problem was, there was no solution known in the whole galaxy.

Drunvalo says the Sirians searched for 250 years and found a being with an idea that they presented to the Galactic Command. It was to be an experiment performed by Thoth, the ascended masters of the human race, the Great White Brotherhood and the spiritual hierarchy of the galaxy.

Image: [right] A Google search on the words, "galactic command" and "Great White Brotherhood" turned up this image of "Ashtar Sheran" who describes the Sirian "mission."

Drunvalo said all humans would be destroyed if this group of collaborators did not perform their experiment. As a result, “permission was given” to build a large black, cigar-shaped ship and park it just outside Earth’s “membrane.”

Image: [above, right] In February, 2009, Mike Singh started a topic on an Above Top Secret forum called, “Alien Cigar Shaped ‘Spaceships’ In The Solar System? Try Debunking This!” The forum Web page contains several photographs of cigar-shaped ships. This photograph, taken by Hubble, shows a cigar-shaped ship along the edge of Saturn’s ring. Pic: HST WFPC2, Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).

The collaborators also placed objects at “eight remote corners of Earth’s tetrahedral lightbody in the 4th dimension” and a laser beam sent energy “4th dimensionally to one of the objects that then responded with a red, blue or green beam to each of the remaining objects.”

Image: [above, right] A three-dimenstional star tetrahedron inside a sphere touches the sphere at eight points.

Drunvalo writes [describing the laser]:

It entered into the original eight cells at the center of each human, and from there outward to each human’s star tetrahedral field. This last step created a unique holographic field around each human being giving the Sirians a means to alter human consciousness. They could both protect and change consciousness without humans knowing it.

This also created a holographic field around the Earth that re-created the outer reality of space […]. This sample field was to protect the Earth from the deadly expansion of the Sun […]. At the same time, they [Sirians] could gain control of human thoughts and feelings and project images into our immediate surroundings […]. The overall system would allow complete protection while this change was taking place without the humans knowing it, and allow the complete alternation of our DNA if and when it became necessary.

August 7, 1972
Drunvalo says the “peak” of the “Sirian Experiment” occurred on August 7, 1972, and calls it a “big day.” In a section in his book called “April 7, 1972, and the Successful Aftermath” he writes:

The big day came—August 7, 1972. The peak of the event actually occurred over a period of about seven says, but the seventh of August was its greatest expansion. What really happened on that day we humans will not know until we reach Christ consciousness.

Image: [right] On August 7, 1972, astrophysicists at the Big Bear Solar Observatory recorded a large solar flare that’s available as a video at Several scientists wrote papers following the flare. I found fifteen scientists who wrote papers about the flare.

Humanity's Reality Choices
Drunvalo mentions “reality choices” that the Sirians [Dinoid/Reptoids] provide through what is implied is their hologram. I wondered if the choices had anything to do with “zaps.” Drunvalo also mentions Ascension in this section titled, “The Return of Free Will and Unexpected Positive Consequences” [Chapter 17]:

As progress became apparent, the Sirians began to allow free will choices. However, if we did not respond with the right choice, the Sirians would continue to give us a similar set of reality choices over and over again until we learned the spiritual lesson […].

All this was timed to another event, which was timed to the completion of the Christ grid that the Great White Brotherhood was focusing on. It was completed in 1989, which made it possible for humans to actually ascend to the next dimension world.

Drunvalo refers to humanity’s connection to God but the information is distorted. At the end of Chapter 17, he says that the idea in a distant galaxy that triggered the Sirian [Dinoid/ Reptoid] Experiment “was contained within original Reality” and that it was from God.

The Sirian Experiment Is Missing From Drunvalo's 2010
Film About Thoth's New Consciousness Grid

The Sirian Experiment described in Drunvalo's The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Volumes I and II [and this page], has been completely omitted from his 2010 film about Thoth's construction of a new consciousness grid.

Details in this note about "Humanity's Reality Choices:"

...if we do not respond with the right choice, the Sirians will continue to give us a set of reality choices over and over again until we learn the spiritual lesson.
... is probably closest to the truth. I believe that "reality choices" refers to manipulation and torture.

See: "Details Omitted From Drunvalo's New Film" in the list of supplemental articles below.

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