Image: Barbara Marciniak whose name appears in a list called "Blue Brethren" or "illumined Initiates" [an unwitting initiate?].

Barbara is a well known New Age writer who is also a medium and trance channeler. Her books include:

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians [1992]

Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library [1994]

The full text of Barbara's Bringers of the Dawn is online. If you use the search function in your browser and search on the words "prime creator," you will see that Barbara refers to a group of alien gods and not the One and Only God.

For details about the Pleiadians, see Wikipedia's page.

Note from Mary Jo [5/29/10]
Title: Galactic Federation's "Blue Brethren"


I'm still working on a multi-page note about blue-skinned deities (there are so many blue-skinned deities, the note will contain several pages).

Several of my previous notes describe a race of blue invaders called the Sirians who are from a star system called Sirius. The Sirians have been present in Earth's alternate dimensions for a very long time and there are significant traces of a "blue" trail in 3D Earth.

Background information about a Sirian organization called the Galactic Federation [GF] forms a helpful context for understanding why numerous religions have blue deities.

Blue Brethren
While gathering research about blue deities, I found a Web page containing a list of "The Blue Brethren." The list contains the names of occultists and UFO researchers who support the "GF." People who have followed the New Age or UFOlogy will want to scan the names on the Blue Brethren list.

Image: [at right] Jacques Vallee, a French venture capitalist, computer scientist, author, ufologist, former astronomer and a blue brethren? [Note from Mary Jo: I believe that if Jacques Vallee, Barbara Marciniak and others are "blue brethren," it is unlikely that they support the GF without being hypnotized].


  1. The Blue Brethren page [or list] has been archived on the site with a caption near the top of the page that says the content originated on the Brother Blue Web site [1999]. I found a blog called "Transparent Smile" containing an entry called, "Oh Brother Blue, Where Art Thou?" The blogger says that once contained material about UFOs, occult, and Crowley.

  2. A caption under a red subhead with the word "Brethren" says that the list contains "The Illumined Initiates of Our Wider Galactic Heritage."

"Illumined" May Mean Hypnotized
Clues about ET powers that persuade are revealed in a Wikipedia article about the
Count of St. Germain, [right] one of the blue deities in the new note I'm working on.

Germain's power to influence human decisions is described in this excerpt from the Wikipedia article:

Alice A. Bailey's book (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, a compilation of earlier revelations published posthumously in 1957) gives the most information about his [Germain's] reputed role as a spiritual Master. His title is said to be the Lord of Civilization and his task is the establishment of the new civilization of the Age of Aquarius. He is said to telepathically influence people who are seen by him as being instrumental in bringing about the new civilization of the Age of Aquarius.

Landing Re-Scheduled?
As described in my note titled, "Galactic Federation Landing 2012-2013" [4/30/10], the Sirians have been orchestrating a plan for a mass landing. The Wikipedia entry about Count of St. Germain provides a clue that the schedule for a Galactic Federation landing may have been moved up:

Alice A. Bailey stated that "sometime after AD 2025," the Master Jesus, the Master Rakoczi (Saint Germain), Kuthumi, and others in the Spiritual Hierarchy would "externalise", i.e., descend from the spiritual worlds, and interact in visible tangible bodies on the Earth in ashrams, surrounded by their disciples.

UFOlogist Dave Hunt: Satanic Demons Embed Thoughts
A YouTube video titled, "UFO's The Hidden Truth : #3 Abductions & Satanic Links," contains an interview with UFOlogist Dave Hunt [6 minutes, 10 seconds] who compares aliens' ability to embed thoughts in human beings to the hypnosis practice of embedding thoughts. Hunt calls aliens Satanic demons and says UFOs are manifestations from another dimension.

Images: [above right and below] Screen shots from "UFO's The Hidden Truth : #3 Abductions & Satanic Links."

Hunt believes that when aliens appear with their advanced technology, a lot of people will lose faith in God. He writes:

Satan and his demons can temporarily alter physical reality if God allows it, they will be able to deceive the great majority of mankind. More people will lose their faith because of the appearance of demonic aliens and their UFO craft than any other time in world history!

Body Possession?
Alice Bailey's The Externalisation of the Hierarchy says Count of St. Germain is referred to as the Master Rakoczi or the Master R. An Internet search on the name Rakoczi and Germain revealed that Saint Germain was associated with a Hungarian aristocrat named Francis II Rąkoczi. Even though New Age pages make this association, the
Francis II Rąkoczi page on Wikipedia does not mention Germain as an alternate name.


  1. Occultists Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel and Guy Ballard stated that Rosicrucian Order founder Christian Rosenkreutz "reappeared as the Count of St Germain."

  2. Other occultists believe Rosenkreuz and Francis Bacon were the same person.

  3. A mysterious Rosicrucian nicknamed the "Professor" who was present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence is rumored to have been the Count of St. Germain [from Mary Jo] This is mostly likely "spin" with a positive illustration to describe an otherwise unethical practice of interferring with the decisions of human beings.

ET Interference in Politics
There are separate New Age accounts of Germain "taking" over the bodies of politicians to influence their decisions. Humans who have recently "channeled" the Count of St. Germain regarding politics have uploaded videos to YouTube:

  • St. Germain on the Election
    This YouTube video of "Ashtar," Commander of the Galactic Federation comments on Barack Obama's victory in 2008.

    YouTube's older "Galactic Federation" videos contain images of aliens. Recent videos contain images of abstract art with voice-overs.

  • An episode of Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of television show on the Count of St. Germain narrated by Leonard Nimoy includes details about St. Germain's knowledge of alchemy as well as his meddling in French and Russian politics. St. Germain's formation of an occult secret society and a book that he wrote called, The Most Holy Trinosophia is mentioned at the very end of the video.

    Image: [right] St. Germain's book distributed for free by a publisher named Forgotten Books.


    1. Lenoard Nimoy's In Search of... documentary television series was broadcast weekly from 1976 to 1982.

    2. In Search of... was created after two successful one-hour TV documentaries, In Search of Ancient Astronauts in 1973 (based on the book Chariots of the Gods), and In Search of Ancient Mysteries in 1975.

    3. Forgotten Books Esoteric category [that they promote on their Home page] has books about alchemy, occultism, freemasonry & secret societies, mythical civilizations, unexplained phenomena and mysticism. The Alchemy Web site has a list of 1,100 books about alchemy that they call "modern." Many of the books list Hermes Trismegistus as the author.

    4. Forgotten Books has 6,122 titles and 9,084 "in progress." A search on "ENKI" brings up six titles.

    5. A free book at Google book called Secrets of the World's Undiscovered Treasures asks if Christian Rosenkreuz, the founder of the Rosicrucian Order, the Count of St. Germain and Hermes Trimegistus [alias Thoth] were all the same person.

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Thank you to everyone who is helping!

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